Unsafe Baby seats

Although shocking to hear, it is estimated that over 80% of installed car seats are being used improperly. Proper use of a car seat, be it how it the seat installed or how baby is fastened, can save your child’s life. Thousands of children are killed each year from vehicular accidents. Given the staggering statistic of improper seat usage, it is vital that you adhere to all safety guidelines.

When purchasing a car seat, you do want the safest product available. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive seat available. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is no such thing as the “best” or “safest” seat. The best seat is one that your child fits securely into, comfortably into, and is installed properly. It should be noted that independent consumer reports do claim the popular line of Britax car seats test well in crash simulations. However, they can cost you up to $500. The Evenflo Triumph 5 tested even higher and only costs approximately $120.

The safest place for an infant car seat is in the middle backseat. The front seat should never be used, but if you absolutely must, make sure the airbag is turned off. The airbag can cause serious injury or death. All children should ride in a rear-facing seat until one year of age and at least twenty pounds. Infant seats are generally used until baby grows too long, in which case you should upgrade to a convertible seat. The convertible seat will be big enough to use through the toddler years, but should be rear facing until baby is big enough for the other direction (see above).

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