New Audi A1


Audi a1

What’s new?

Everything. This is an all-new model, spun from the Volkswagen group’s ubiquitous MQB platform. That’s engineering shorthand for the oily bits that underpin small and medium sized cars from across Wolfsburg’s empire, from Golf to Octavia, Polo to Arona. It’ll be made in Spain at Seat’s Martorell factory, rather than in Audi’s Brussels facility.

More specifically, this is the MQB AO architecture and the crisp styling wrapped around it makes the new 2018 A1’s dimensions longer (+56mm to 4029mm), wider (+35mm to 1740mm) and lower (-13mm to 1409mm) than before. It’s aero efficient for a small hatchback, with a drag rating of 0.31, according to Audi.

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