2019 VW Passat


vw passat 2019
VW has made a comprehensive update to its Passat exec car, overhauling the engine range, tech list and giving the exterior design a bit of a tickle, too. Please do try your best to stifle your yawn.

Wolfsburg says 12,450 Passats were sold in the UK in 2018, with the Estate out-stripping the saloon 2:1. It’s still primarily a proper fleet car, with around 85% of them going to the company car market.

So what’s new?


There’s been a bit of light tweakage to the design, but nothing ground-breaking – it still looks like the more strait-laced sibling to the Arteon. The front end looks a little frownier, the front LEDs have been tweaked, the rear light clusters feature a glitzy start-up procedure like a lot of modern Audis.

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